Goshencom Healthcare Services

Goshencom is a quality provider of residential children’s homes, supported accommodation for young adults and care-based staffing solutions


Goshencom Healthcare is one of Ireland’s rising leading Care Providers. We provide Residential Home Care, Supported Living, Day and night, Community Outreach Services to both Children and Adults with a range of complex support requirements.

At Goshencom Healthcare, we are proud to offer high standards of service and care. Renowned for offering some of the best facilities in the country; our residential accommodation combines modern state-of-the-art facilities with beautiful outdoor environments. Our tailored day care programmes encompass a wide variety of stimulating and enjoyable activities.

Our services range in support / acuity levels, from high support to supported independent living.

Our team bring a wealth of experience in supporting individuals, both Children and Adults, with a range of complex needs.


We always put our residents first, building little communities that our residents are proud to call home.

Our mission:

At Goshencom Healthcare, we believe that having the highest quality of care is an absolute right of every Service User. We are committed to providing our Service Users with individual, personalised care within a safe and homely environment.

Every Service User is involved throughout the decision-making process of their care. We strive to empower individuals shape their own lives and the services they receive.

We actively encourage our Service Users to develop their life skills, which in turn, enables them to realise their own full potential. We also encourage each individual to participate in an array of individualised services and community-based recreational activities. We therefore, facilitate and support each Service User to pursue meaningful educational and employment opportunities.

Above all, helping people to live a fulfilled life independently is what Goshencom Healthcare is about.

Our vision:

To bring quality, choice and transparency to staffing Healthcare Organisations in Ireland and to be a foremost in the business in providing the best quality care, dignity and respect that they deserve.


Goshencom Health Services has four standards that staff must always adhere to. These standards are fundamental values our teams promise to uphold and help form our company code of conduct.



Understanding and valuing our roles and responsibilities within our projects and our homes and of those we work with from other organisations. Avoiding blaming others and being prepared to be adaptable, stepping up when needed to support young people and the wider team.



Regarding and treating residents and colleagues as we would wish to be treated. Accepting, promoting and upholding the rights of others who have different beliefs and backgrounds. Respecting the aims and ethos of the organisation to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.



Valuing different points of view and opinions. Accepting that we all make mistakes and understanding how we learn from them and move on that is important. Learning from both success and mistakes to ensure the high standards of Goshencom Healthcare Services are maintained, whilst also improving and developing as professionals.



Communicating clearly, concisely, and professionally with all stakeholders in planning and developing the services provided by Goshencom Healthcare Services. Working collaboratively as part of a team in maintaining and taking forward the ambitions of the project; and understanding the strength in working together to break down the barriers between those who use the services and those who provide them.


Goshencom Healthcare is one of Ireland’s rising leading Care Providers. We provide Residential Home Care, Supported Living, Day and night, Community Outreach Services to both Children and Adults with a range of complex support requirements.

We pride ourselves on supporting young people to unlock their true potential, set bigger goals and achieve their aspirations. Every child or young person that we support is treated and respected as a valued individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach within our projects and homes. The support a young person receives is carefully planned, but most significantly, discussed and agreed too. Our residents are actively encouraged to make their own decisions about the care they receive.

We work with local authorities and commissioners:

‍We work closely with the placing authorities to put together robust care packages, support plans and risk assessments. Individually centred to the needs of the person, ensuring each child and young adult residing at Goshencom receives the help, guidance and support required to reach their fullest potential.


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Goshencom Healthcare Services central office can be found at:

Unit 3 Eastwea Retail Centre, Main Street, Kinnegad,
Co.Westmeath, Ireland, N9 C9VH
Tel: +353 89 488 2743

Our head office is open Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:30

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