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Providing bespoke temporary healthcare staffing solutions
to both the public and private sectors across Ireland.

Goshencom Healthcare Services

Goshencom Healthcare is one of Ireland’s leading Care Providers. We provide Residential, Supported Living, Day and Community Outreach Services to both Children and Adults with a range of complex support requirements.

Renowned for offering some of the best facilities in the country; our residential accommodation combines modern state-of-the-art facilities with beautiful outdoor environments. Our tailored day care programmes encompass a wide variety of stimulating and enjoyable activities.

Our services range in support / acuity levels, from high support to supported independent living.

Community & Home Nursing Care

Ordinarily, we see the intelligent of progressive community care working changing lives and helping us to understand the way we think about nursing home care, and what is really, thrilling to us is that the nursing work we do is right in line with the new look of healthcare in the community in Ireland. An exciting bold transformation that offers new values to patients and new prospects to nurses like you out there that wants to work in the community.

Children Home Residential Accommodation Services

Goshencom Healthcare Services Limited, offers a full care service for young people up to 18 years of age. We give a physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe place in which children and young people can rebuild, advance, and move forward in their lives.



Providing Services for Disabilities in the Community

We provide a performance-based values where you can speedy your profession. It’s all just about caring for people. Establish a network that builds relationships between our clients and the carer that last. Meet with our clients in the hospitals, nursing home, residential homes, and community nursing care understand their challenges and provide them with candidates who understand their career objectives.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced,
ready to meet all your staffing needs.